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access_time August 28, 2013 at 10:00 PM in News by Charlie Grammer

Titanfall breaks out of Call of Duty’s shadow

Titanfall receives high praise at Gamescom.

Titanfall receives high praise at Gamescom.

Many of those looking forward to Respawn Entertainment’s upcoming game Titanfall were afraid that it would be overshadowed by Call of Duty. The game actually manages to break out of that shadow, however, laying the fears of many to rest.

Indeed, many tend to have gripes about Call of Duty’s balancing. These gripes are addressed in Respawn’s upcoming game, however. And in the end, though there were many next-gen titles on show during Gamescom, several actually felt like slightly better looking versions of the same experiences we’ve had before.

When asked why the company went with a shooter, McCoy answered, “We didn’t have say, ‘We’re making a shooter.’  People pitched ideas that ranged the gamut. It literally was, ‘We’re going to make what we’re going to make’, and we hadn’t decided as a group what we were going to do, which at times was hard. We had 40 guys who all were very experienced game developers, and all having an equal voice, so how do you reconcile that into one singular vision that everyone’s excited to work on?”

This question is a tough one for any company to truly answer. After playing a few rounds of their upcoming shooter, however, it seems that the company settled on a template that works quite well. Do you like intense pace? Chaos erupting all around you as you play? Tools to give you feats of skill, such as hijacking a Titan? Then you have quite a bit to look forward to in Respawn’s upcoming game.

The game’s end-round epilogues also received his praise. One example our source pointed out is Angel City. During the round’s epilogue, the losing team needs to run to a random evac zone and await a drop-ship. The other team aims to hunt you down and kill you as you do this, but if you succeed, you will receive an XP bonus (if you die, your killer(s) gain a similar reward).

Will Titanfall become a great series, or will it be a one-shot game?

Source; VG 24/7


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