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Bungie talks about creating a believable new world in Destiny

Bungie rep assures that recreating Earth cities is not a goal for Destiny.

Bungie rep assures that recreating Earth cities is not a goal for Destiny.

During a recent interview, Bungie’s Chris Barrett talked about creating a brand new, believable world for their upcoming game, Destiny.

Speaking of the science fiction influences that inspired the game, he answered that, “It’s hard to answer that specifically because in a lot of ways there wasn’t an active [attitude] of wanting to pull [from specific sources] and replicate that kind of thing. Like ‘ooh let’s get that particular thing from Star Trek’. A lot of the early ideas and concepts were probably a subconscious collection of hundreds of influences; things I watched as a kid or movies we watched last year, so pulling those together, trying to find nothing that’s too specifically like something else but pulling the best parts of things and putting it together as something new is sort of how I approached it.”

Barrett added that, “There are general influences I could name that you’ve probably heard of – Star Wars or Dune. A lot of people haven’t seen it but one funny big influence was Thundarr The Barbarian, it’s super goofy and campy but watching those as a kid, they basically created this fun, fantastic version of a post-apocalyptic world where there’s mystery and magic and it’s kind of like the Dungeons And Dragons version of the future.”

Mr. Barrett was also asked if it appealed to him to be able to utilize recognisable Earth landmarks. He answered that, “Ys, I think it’s something we will definitely play with. Of course, the power of The Planet Of The Apes scene – with the statue of Liberty coming out of the sand – that’s hugely powerful, there’s definitely things like that we’ll play with from just a mood and feeling standpoint, and we definitely want to play with that familiarity with people. But not to limit it to like ‘oh let’s recreate downtown Chicago’. That’s not a goal”

What recognisable landmarks do you think we’ll see in Bungie’s upcoming game?

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