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access_time August 27, 2013 at 3:30 PM in News by Charlie Grammer

EA speaks about next-generation and new franchises

EA currently has at least 6 next-gen titles in production, including Mirror's Edge 2.

EA currently has at least 6 next-gen titles in production, including Mirror’s Edge 2.

During a recent interview, EA’s Frank Gibeau spoke about next-generation and a few new franchises.

In addition to speaking about Titanfall (during which, Mr. Gibeau repeatedly stated that EA is “Platform agnostic”, and the reason that Titanfall is going to be a platform exclusive is because it is developed by one of their partners, not internally), he also cleared up EA’s seemingly confusing Wii U commitments.

Said Mr. Gibeau, “Our position on the Wii U is you never should count Nintendo out. We’ve published four games on the Wii U, we’ve supported the platform and now we’re monitoring it and watching how it evolves. Right now our big focus is on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and that’s where our resources are going.”

When asked about the perviously announced next-generation IPs that EA was working on, he stated, “Yeah so we’ve now got half a dozen in development. We’ve announced a couple of them, Mirror’s Edge and Battlefront, but we’ve also added some as well. The last time I spoke about this we hadn’t done the Star Wars deal, so there’s those games too.

And of course there’s the new IP. We’re going to try and announce the new projects in the next couple of years – so in years two to three in the next gen cycle, the plan is each year you’ll see one to two new IP from us coming out. This year we have new projects too – UFC is new to EA and of course there’s Titanfall.”

The full interview can be seen at CVG.

Will EA run out of resources with all of these projects going on? Will they cut back, causing many of their projects to suffer? Or will they find a way to make them all excellent titles?


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