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Crytek to “combat” Ryse QTE with improved AI


Ryse has been criticised by a lot of publications after their poor shown demo back at E3 2013, and since then the company hasn’t wasted a moment. They have worked to improve the game’s AI in order to make the game a bit harder and to avoid the “no fail” mechanic.

In an interview with Eurogamer, design director P.J Esteves explained how they plan to improve Ryse and how the company handled the bad press.

“The QTE thing, yeah, we totally get it,” he said. “Coming out of E3 we were like, we put all this damn time into the facial animation and what do you see? An X button.

“We knew the mechanic worked within our combat system, so we’re keeping the mechanic, but internally and with gamers’ reaction we were like, yeah, it feels too QTE. And internally we didn’t even like it because we have these great tech artists, Marius [Titus, Ryse’s Roman soldier protagonist] and all the AI have this great facial rig, and what happens is you see Y, X. It just gets lost.”

Hard games have been appreciated over time, but also hated. This is not the case with a game that’s designed to make you win no matter what you do, so good thing they are starting to make big changes to the combat sistem.


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