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access_time August 23, 2013 at 9:30 PM in News by Charlie Grammer

Rainbow 6: Patriots is still in development

Patriots still in development.

Patriots still in development.1

During Gamescom, Ubisoft revealed that Rainbow 6: Patriots is indeed still in development, though no release date has been given.

Said Ubisoft’s Corre, “It’s an important franchise for Ubisoft. We want to make sure, on this one, like all the other games we’re working on, that we bring it when we feel it’s perfect.”

Corre didn’t give a definitive answer as to if the game’s name would remain Patriots, stating, “We can’t say yet. We’re iterating. What we want is to have a compelling story. We want people who play the next Rainbow 6 to be astonished, to be very pleased with what they see. You’ve seen that the improvement in games over the last few years has been exponential. We have to reflect that improvement in quality. That’s what we’re doing on all our games.”

He went on to add that Ubisoft will show the project again when it has enough creativity and innovation to “make it something worth waiting for”.

When will we next see something regarding the new Rainbow 6? Are fans happy enough to know that the game is still being developed?

Source: IGN (via GameSpot)


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