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access_time August 20, 2013 at 8:51 PM in News by Charlie Grammer

PlayStation 3 gets a fix for Disney Infinity

PlayStation 3 Disney Infinity issues get a fix.

PlayStation 3 Disney Infinity issues get a fix.

It’s time for a “Good news, bad news” section. The good news is that PlayStation 3 users that were unable to play Disney Infinity (the 1.01 patch caused it to lock up shortly after launch) will be able to enjoy the game once again.

The bad news is that you may very well lose the progress you have made. If your saves are corrupt, the patch does not fix that issue. You may also not be able to register your characters (if you applied the work-around of deleting the patch that caused issues and playing offline) unless you reset your progress.

Here’s the official anouncement:

As of August 20th we have deployed a new patch for Play Station 3 players experiencing certain issues including freezing, hitching, corrupted game saves and crashes.

Please follow these steps:

Turn on your Console
Connect Online
Insert your Disney Infinity Game Disc
As soon as you load the game should prompt you with the update
Please Download the Update
Enjoy Disney Infinity!

Please note: The patch does not fix corrupted game saves, so for players with corrupted game saves please delete them and start your Infinity experience anew. Also, make sure to Take Ownership of your figure from the pause menu.

Will they be able to find a way to restore corrupted saves?

Thanks, Disney Infinity Facebook (via Kotaku)


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