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Project Spark shows off new abilities

by on August 20, 2013
Project Spark screen

Project Spark screen

The upcoming Project Spark unveiled a few new interesting features during Gamescom.

One such feature was the ability to utilize the new Kinect for motion capture. Here’s the official announcement:

Voice and motion capture enables:

  • Facial Expression Capture – Users can record their face and have it applied to an in-game character
  • Animation Recording – Do a new attack, full body motions, gestures, etc.
  • Record audio and modulate – Speak a line, singing, etc. Modulate the sounds in a variety of ways

The result is being able to make your own animations or even cinematic cut scenes when you combine all three (face + body + voice).

Will this pave the road for a variety of amateur motion capture videos?

Source: Xbox Wire (via Kotaku)




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