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access_time August 15, 2013 at 9:32 PM in News by Charlie Grammer

Bethesda appears to have misled gamers about Prey 2, according to leaked email

Prey 2, or the lack of, is confusing everybody.

Bethesda’s Raphael Colantonio, who worked as Arakane’s creative director (as well as co-director for Dishonored), speaking to  Rock Paper Shotgun yesterday stated the following: 

RPS: So you guys and Prey 2? Definitely not happening? I already asked Pete Hines, but just to be absolutely sure.

Colantonio: No. We’ve been looking at where that rumor came from, and I really don’t know.

This seems to contradict what leaked emails stated earlier. Specifically these two:

Leaked email from Bethesda.

Leaked email from Bethesda.

Leaked email regarding Prey 2

Leaked email regarding Prey 2

 Which is the truth? Are the emails forged, perhaps? Did the company decide not to go through with Prey 2? Or are they simplly attempting to mislead the public?

Source: Kotaku


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