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access_time August 14, 2013 at 12:16 PM in Microsoft by othersiders

Xbox One has come “full circle” on indies claims InXile boss

Xbox One may be the most intriguing console of all time, and why do we say that? Because Microsoft changed a lot of it’s core “features” in order to please the customers and not drain them of any penny they had and now they are trying to do anything to change people’s perspective on the console.

Speaking from a developer point of view, CEO of indie dev InXile claimed that Microsoft has completely reversed its approached to indies in just 90 days. At first, Microsoft didn’t allow anybody to self publish on their console, now they are approaching almost every indie developer and ask them to publish on their console as every Xbox One can be used as a dev kit.

“It’s been happening, and I’ve heard from Microsoft,” Brian Fargo told [a]listdaily. “I used to want to publish directly on the Xbox, and it was ‘OK, how many retail SKUs are you going to put out?’ I always felt there was there this huge disconnect – why do I have to put products on a retail shelf in order to be on XBLA?

“[Now] you’re hearing Microsoft reaching out, they’re saying ‘Hey, we want you on the machine,’ they’re making the calls. You can use the hardware as a development kit, making it more accessible, because indies can’t afford to buy [development kits].

“It used to be that if you shipped on Sony first you could never be on the Xbox. Now they’re like ‘Well, we’re flexible, maybe there’s features…’

It’s remarkable how a company can do such a U-turn in just a few months. Is Microsoft so desperate to bring gamers to their side? It seems to me that they lost advantage when it comes to next-gen console and they need to get out of the hole asap.


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