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Xbox One can tell when it’s overheating and adjust on the fly


Not all the news regarding Xbox One are bad, today we heard about a new feature that will protect your console over years and will make Xbox One last longer than Xbox 360 did. Well, Microsoft revealed that Xbox One can recognizes when it’s overheating and can auto adjust to fix it.

Gizmodo managed to get a interview with Xbox’s General Manager of Console Development Leco del Castillo, who gave them a closer look at this awesome function.

We can’t prevent misuse of the product,” del Castillo says, “but we can certainly anticipate it.” That’s done by the Xbox being aware of the temperature it’s running at, and having the capacity to cool itself down in a few ways. “The way we designed the box, we don’t actually intend it to ever have to go to maximum speed under normal environmental conditions. But there is overhead. So we’ll allow the fan to go all the way up to its maximum speed and if that solves the condition without the user having to do anything.”

“One thing that we have more flexibility with,” del Castillo says, “With the architecture of the Xbox One, is that we can dial back the power of the box considerably. We had a little less flexibility with the 360. And so basically, if we couldn’t dissipate the heat, there wasn’t a whole lot of leverage we could pull to keep the heat from being generated, so we had a limited amount of time before it just shut down. Xbox One can actually dial it back to a lower power state, so low in fact that it can in a mode that uses virtually no air flow.”

While this feature may result in the console being a bit louder than usual, it will enhance Xbox One lifetime by years. This should have been implemented in Xbox 360, and all RROD problems would have never existed.


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