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Sony to Livestream Gamescom conference

by on August 14, 2013
Sony to livestream Gamescom conference.

Sony to livestream Gamescom conference.

Sony has confirmed that they will be livestreaming their Gamescom presentation that will be held on August 20.

This stream, which can be seen here (conference  timings can be found here), will undoubtedly lure in many Sony fans who cannot (or simply will not) attend the upcoming event.
After the conference, Sony will be holding a live panel discussion featuring Shuhei Yosida, David Cage, and Derby McDevitt. This group (Mr. Cage, for those unaware, worked on Beyond: Two Souls, and Mr. McDevitt worked on Assassin’s Creed as a writer.) will be discussing the role of storytelling in games.
For those who are worrying that this will be only for those attending the event, you will be happy to know that this will also be streamed.
How will Sony’s conference turn out?

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