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Review | DefenderPad Laptop Radiation & Heat Shield


For laptop users, overheating computers when away from a table can become a big problem. After all, the laptop offers no protection, and the heat is only bearable for so long before it wears on your legs.

However, to try and help with that heat is the DefenderPad, a heat shield and radiation reducer for laptops. The pad is made to fit PC and Mac laptops with up to a 17” display, and is basically just a rubber pad. However, the pad has some extra features that can make it worth it.

defenderpad1The DefenderPad comes in three colors (black, blue and pink) and weighs 2 lbs, 3 oz., making it easy to carry on the go on a laptop case because of its thin, lightweight design.

According to the developer, the pad virtually eliminates extremely low frequency emissions up to 150 milliGauss, protects from heat up to 115 degrees and blocks radio frequency emissions up to 5-10 V/m.

Now, for a brief health lesson before moving forward. ELF emissions can cause skin irritation, cell mutation and damage and other long-term effects, while RF emissions can give fertility problems and chromosome damage. It’s long been thought that a Wi-Fi laptop on the legs can decrease sperm count and cause damage.

Whether this is true or not, the pad does do a great job blocking heat. My laptop is an older model that has been through the ringer and loves to throw out heat. Without the pad, the laptop would leave my legs red for a bit and resulted in shorter bursts of use before turning it off to cool down.

With the pad, though, I can use my laptop for an entire night without problem. The heat is all picked up by the pad with little to no transfer to me. If I feel the pad, I can definitely feel the heat that’s been given off, but my body stays nice and cool. It’s actually a bit surprising how much it absorbs heat, considering how thin the pad actually is.

defenderpad-protection-diagram-aWhile I can’t personally attest to knowing how well the DefenderPad blocks ELF and RF emissions, the FCC did conduct a test that you can see the results of at the link given. According to the results, the pad blocks 98 percent of ELF emissions at 300 Hz and 95 percent of ELF emissions at 60 Hz. RF emissions were blocked 99 percent of the time across the board.

The rubberized surface of the pad also provides some strong grip for a laptop as well. The pad was definitely developed for use on the go, and tilting it a moderate decree can still have the laptop remain stable on the pad without sliding.

What may be the biggest detractor for some people is the price. The DefenderPad costs $90, which can been a steep purchase for what some may consider just a piece of rubber, especially when there are other protects out there with built-in fans or other accessories. While some of those accessories can be nice, even without a fan the DefenderPad blocked more heat than other products.


    • Small and lightweight.
    • Blocks a lot of heat.
    • Easy to transport around.


  • Price may be high for protection.


Final Thoughts:
Over, the DefenderPad offers some great protection from emissions and heat that can plague laptop users. A bit lower price may be optimal for casual users, but gamers that find themselves playing on the go for a long time may want to give this a look.


  • Ramon Aranda August 14, 2013 at 9:05 PM

    Hmmm…may look into this.

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