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Morrigan won’t be joining your party in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Morrigan to play a "Large role" in DA:I, just not as a party member.

Morrigan to play a “Large role” in DA:I, just not as a party member.

As the title says, it’s been announced by BioWare that Morrigan, one of the more pivotal Dragon Age 1 party members, will not be joining your team in the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Mike Laidlaw sums up the feelings of many fans by stating, “It is fair for people to understand that [Morrigan] will not be a party member. That’s going to disappoint some people, but it’s important for us to be upfront about that.”

David Gaider did assure us, however, that Morrigan won’t simply be relegated to a cameo role. “It’s not a cameo,” he stated. “She plays a significant role.”

Gaider went on to add that, “[Morrigan] has a human role in this plot, which may surprise some people because they might only think of her as a plot device. She has this big plot she’s involved in, and while that’s true to an extent, I’m taking her to a human place. That will make sense after the fact.”

Just what role will Morrigan play in the new game?

Thanks, Eurogamer (via GameInformer)


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