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Review | Nun Attack: Run ‘n Gun


There’s something about blowing away vampires and werewolves as a machine gun-toting, rosary-wielding nun that touches a special place in my…heart, yeah, my heart. Nun Attack: Run n’ Gun promises that special kind of carnage that only a squad of well-armed, fearless women of the church can deliver; though it offers some fun, that style alone isn’t enough to make it stand out against the host of other iOS infinite runners.

Like other infinite runners, Nun Attack pits you against an endless assortment of obstacles and enemies until you finally make a mistake. Speeding bullets and chainsaw-carrying skeletons will attempt to cut your journey short, so you’ll need to jump, duck, and blast the obstacles in your way. You can choose one of four nuns to wreak havoc with, though all but Rosy need to be unlocked via in-game currency.

There are two types of currency: coins, which can be purchased or gathered during runs, and gems, which can only be obtained via daily logins, purchases, or by completing special offers. That’s fairly typical fare, though the price to unlock the other nuns (50K coins for one, 30 gems for another) might be considered a bit steep. Even so, you can still play the game pretty satisfactorily with just Rosy, and she cuts through enemies with ease after a couple upgrades.


The game’s best aspects are definitely its graphics and music. Nun Attack combines some gorgeous graphics with a pretty rockin’
70s-style soundtrack. The backgrounds all look sharp and colorful on a Retina display, and sometimes I think I can still hear the game’s looping tune running through my head. I would have liked some more-involved sound effects though; it would have been great to hear Rosy make a catchy one-liner while blasting through a vampire.

The “problems” with Nun Attack are more nitpicky than anything else. The jump keeps you in the air for a pretty long time, making it harder to evade obstacles in later levels since their spacing seems to be perfectly set to make you fail. Also, though I had fun playing the game, the speed and difficulty start a little slow, which makes it hard to stay compelled to keep going. It also makes it hard to merit buying the power-ups at the beginning of the run since most of them are timed and there’s no real need for power-ups until later. Again, the game’s fun, but with a good amount of infinite runner competition out there, a game needs to really be sharp to stand out.


Overall, Nun Attack: Run n’ Gun’s a fun game that may really turn into something great with a couple updates and tweaks. Even without those updates the game’s still worth checking out. It’s available on the Apple App Store.

Final Score: 3.5 out of 5


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