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Phil Spencer “Bites his tongue” on Crackdown 3, answers questions about Killer Instinct

Phil Spencer bites tongue on Crackdown 3, answers questions about Killer Instinct.

Phil Spencer bites tongue on Crackdown 3, answers questions about Killer Instinct.

During an interview with Official Xbox Magazine, Phil Spencer “bit his tongue” when asked about Crackdown 3.

The interviwer stated, “We’re holding out for Crackdown 3,” to which Mr. Spencer answered, “I’m going to bite my tongue”. This prompted the interviewer to exclaim, “We still believe!”, to which Mr. Spencer answered, “I do too. I do too.”

In addition to biting his tongue, he also talked about several of the company’s upcoming games, including Forza, Quantum Break, and yes, even the new Killer Instinct.

When asked why the company is reviving Killer Instinct, Mr. Spencer answered, “There were a couple of things. We wanted to pick a game that we had the passion to build. We had the internal team with Rare creative people – there were certain people that I wanted to make sure were close to this experience to make sure it’s tried and true. People ask me about Rare and I always go back to, like, Battletoads, but there aren’t many people from those games that are still around.

We had a core of people that still understood what Killer Instinct was about. We thought some of the features of Xbox One, like asynchronous matchmaking where while I’m actually fighting it’s setting up my next game, made a great mechanic for a fighting game. I won’t say the things on Twitter had no impact on it, I wanted to bring back something and Killer Instinct just seemed like the right thing.”

When asked if the new game will be able to compete with the current lineup of fighting games, he assured the interviewer that, “We are building this to be a great fighting game. This is not some hacked-off remake. We’re working with Mad Catz on control, we’ve got Rare people looking at it. We’ve got people focusing on how it’s going to play because we want to build a great fighting game built for a live ecosystem. This isn’t going to cash in on the name; it’s going to be a real frontline game that people fall in love with.”

Do you think the new Killer Instinct will be able to stand up to its predecessors?

Source: NeoGAF (via OXM)


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