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PSN and Xbox Live get GTA V Avatars/Gamerpics

by on August 7, 2013


With only about a month until the release of Grand Theft Auto V, the PSN and Xbox Live are gearing up for the game with Avatars and Gamerpics. Michael, Trevor, Franklin, a Vespuchi Beach goer, as well as two different GTA V logos are available as a set on both services. Xbox Live has the set for 80 MS point and the PSN is selling it for $0.49 / £0.21 / €0.25 each.

New GTA V themed outfits are also available on Xbox Live for your avatar. Full outfits are priced at 320 MS points each, while shirts are only 80 MS points. Chop or a parachute can be obtained by spending 240 MS points.

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