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Star Citizen reaches $15 million in funding

Star Citizen reaches $15 million in funding. Details $17 million tier.

Star Citizen reaches $15 million in funding. Details $17 million tier.

The company behind Star Citizen has today announced that they have reached $15 million in support, and without any sort of special promotion.

This goal, as the game’s website says, “adds another flyable ship class to the game, the oft-discussed escort carrier. Every backer will also get a free digital 42-page Upgrade Handbook manual with their game which goes through the process of customizing and overclocking ship systems! We’re excited about putting this one together, since it goes right to the heart of what’s going to make Star Citizen unique.”

They went on to restate the $16 million rewards, and outline the new $17 million reward tier. The $16 million includes an Arena mode, which will be “a galaxy-wide event, where players come to specific locations, pay their entry fees, and jump into space battles to prove who is the best dogfighter of all,” and a laser pistol for every backer.

The $17 million tier will contain a ship upgrade package for every player, as well as a brand new type of ship, called the battlecruiser.

Will the game manage to reach the $17 million goal?

Source: Star Citizen official website


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