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Kojima spotted in body-capture suit

by on August 1, 2013
Why is Kojima in a body-capture suit?

Why is Kojima in a body-capture suit?

Hideo Kojima, the mind behind the popular Metal Gear franchise, has been spotted wearing a motion capture suit.

These images have made a few people wonder, “What, exactly, is going on? Why is he in that suit?” Though it is only speculation, it appears that Kojima is actually in the suit in order to help with the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V’s character movements.

In two of the screens, you can clearly see him holding a rifle. In the third, he is seemingly being held up , and the final screen seems to show him either in a dead or unconscious position. These images appear to point to the upcoming MGS game, from soldiers holding the rifles, to Snake (or Big Boss, if you prefer) holding up a guard.

What do you think the body-capture suit on Kojima is for? Is it indeed for Metal Gear Solid V, or is he planning something else entirely?

Thanks, AGB (via Kojima’s Twitter).

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