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access_time July 31, 2013 at 3:30 AM in News by Charlie Grammer

Kickstarter game easily blows past the goal

LIONNESS team aims to improve quality, not just add content.

LIONNESS team aims to improve quality, not just add content.

An upcoming Adventure game by the title LIONESS easily blew past the Kickstarter goal it had set, receiving nearly three times what the team asked for as of the time of this writing (and there are still 6 days on the Kickstarter!).

The game will place you in the role of one Eggert Kirby, who is a freelance journalist. The creators claim that it “is an experimental adventure game about human connection,” and warns players that “nothing is as it seems”.

The Kickstarter page expands on this as, while conducting research for an article about a series of seven mysteriously missing people, you will befriend a nicotine addicted cat. You will also become caught up in a plot that involves time travel, yakuza…. and interdimensional coffee.

 The team has no stretch goals, however, stating, “We disagree with the idea that there’s any direct correlation between quality and scope in a project like this. When you force a game or film past its own scope and design it just begins to cannibalize its own narrative and vision by stretching it until it breaks. We’ve seen this become the case just recently, and have no intention of making a similar mistake.”

They add, “The more money we have, the better we can invest ourselves into pursuing our vision unencumbered.”

Do you agree with the team’s assessment?

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