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Why Double Helix was picked to remake Strider


Capcom explains why Double Helix was chosen for Strider.

Capcom explains why Double Helix was chosen for Strider.

Capcom’s Andrew Szymanski, a senior producer for the company, answered several questions recently, including one that several fans have been wondering.

The question fans were curious about is, “Why did Capcom pick Double Helix to remake Strider?”. In response to the question, Mr. Szymanski answered, “Double Helix, first of all, is a great group of guys and they are highly motivated. Obviously from the consumer’s perspective, it doesn’t matter until the game is out. All I can tell the readers is to check out the gameplay videos. Check out the game when it comes out to see the work, because ultimately the game has to speak for itself. I can tell you that they are the best developers in the world, but if you don’t like what they make it, then there’s no point.”

This is high praise for Double Helix, but Mr. Szymanski isn’t through speaking yet. He goes on to add, “But if you want to know the personal background behind why I chose them, it really comes down to the passion for the IP. We needed somebody who can work very closely with our Osaka team. Our Osaka team is not only comprised of guys who did all of the artwork for Strider 2. They know the franchise in and out. We also have game design gurus in Osaka like the guys who did Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts and guys who worked on the original DuckTales games, basically guys who know hard core side-scrollers have been worked with Capcom since late 80s early 90s.”

Double Helix, according to Szymanski, answered their question quite well. Upon being asked, “Hey, what would you do with the Strider?”, the company, “came with just an amazing amount of background research, amazing amount of love. Again, knowing what to pull from the old games, what things to sort of hint at and what homages to put in but also what to make new, and that was just incredibly compelling pitch to get from them.”

So like them or hate them, Double Helix did more research on the game than other companies that wanted the opportunity. Will Strider turn out to be a fantastic game?

For the full interview, you can check Siliconera (thanks, Siliconera!).


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