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access_time July 30, 2013 at 1:00 PM in Culture by Charlie Grammer

Man hides wedding proposal in Game Boy Color game

Mike Mika proposed to girlfriend through GBC game.

Mike Mika proposed to girlfriend through GBC game.

Mike Mika, the man who had previously modded Donkey Kong so that his daughter could play as Pauline rescuing Mario had snuck a marriage proposal into a commercial product.

This product was the Game Boy Color port of Klax, and it took Mr. Mika’s girlfriend years to uncover the hidden secret.

During a video interview with Wired, Mr. Mika explained what caused him to sneak the proposal into a game. “She loves puzzle games, I’m doing a puzzle game now, so let me just put that out there and she will find this thing in the game,” he said, recalling the event.

The plan didn’t exactly work, however, he explains. “I leave the Game Boy out, I urge her to play it, and she never picks it up,” he laughed. “This goes on for literally, I think, almost like years now. It was like three years.”

This caused him to rethink his plan. “So do I propose to her normal, or I have this thing here that’s really cool, but I can’t get her to play it, ever?”

Mr. Mika lucked out when Tips & Tricks magazine called and asked if he had any special codes that hadn’t been revealed to the public. He answered, and the magazine published the code, even going so far as to specifically call out Mika’s girlfriend by name and telling her what to put into the game.

Mika explained that night, “I left that out one night with the magazine and the game, everything queued up, and I can’t really be here or she’ll tell me to do it, so I get out of the house. I just kinda drove around a little bit and she came home, checked it out, and it was a proposal…. she calls me up on the phone – like with ‘yes!’ The rest is kinda history after that.”

So the story had a happy ending. What does she think (assuming she knows how long ago he put the code in) about how long it took her to find Mr. Mika’s hidden proposal?

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  • Ramon Aranda July 30, 2013 at 11:26 PM

    OK that’s pretty cool.

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