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access_time July 30, 2013 at 1:30 PM in Culture by Charlie Grammer

Denis Dyack states AAA is “not fine”


Former Silicon Knights president claims AAA is not fine.

Former Silicon Knights president claims AAA is not fine.

Denis Dyack, former president of Silicon Knights, said during an interview that “AAA is not fine”.

Said Mr. Dyack, “AAA is not fine. I think our industry now is in a position exactly where Hollywood was in the early ’20s–the golden era of films. Making movies like Cleopatra or Ben Hur where everyone was employed and they had thousands of staff. And they made fantastic movies; those were great movies; I still watch them today; they’re amazing. But studios looked at it and said, ‘We’re not making money. This is not working.'”

This may sound like Mr. Dyack is foretelling the demise of major AAA publishers, but this isn’t true, he claims. He is suggesting that the size of the companies will change and they will adapt their practices to be “more focused”.

“And then those [film] studios didn’t disappear; and it’s not to say that it’s going to be over for EA or any of the studios. They’re still going to be around,” Dyack explained. “I don’t think anyone should kid themselves about that. But what did happen is they changed the way they worked and it went more towards the model that we have. “Which I would call…a micro-studio or a very focused studio that grows and expands but are not employees of this one group, where it’s basically not internal development. It’s much more efficient that way. I think that’s where AAA may go, or at least game development can go.”

Do you believe Dyack’s predicitons will prove to be correct?

Source: GameSpot


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