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access_time July 30, 2013 at 11:30 AM in News by Charlie Grammer

A single mistake launched the largest space battle in history

What caused the largest space battle in history? A single player's mistake.

What caused the largest space battle in history? A single player’s mistake.

Some of you who read about Eve Online’s largest space battle in history may be wondering what, exactly, caused so many players and ships to begin duking it out in the first place.

The answer to what kicked off this battle is a single player. This player made a simple mistake and warped (completely alone) to a place that he was not supposed to be. He then called for backup, which also called for backup, and the entire thing escalated into the massive battle between TEST and CFC that we spoke of in the earlier article.

Some others may not really care what caused the battle, but aare just interested in how it looks. Some may even see this massive fight as a reason to pick up and try out the game.  To those that do, I wish you all luck, and hope that you won’t make a similar mistake.

Will there ever be a battle to top this past weekend’s assault?

Thanks PC Gamer (via Explain Like I’m Five)


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