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Eve Online hosts biggest space battle in history

Largest space battle in history pits TEST Alliance against CFC.

Largest space battle in history pits TEST Alliance against CFC.

Eve Online played host for the largest space battle in history this past weekend, featuring 2,900 ships and 4,070 pilots waging a five-hour-long battle.

With so many players battling at once in the game, the developers were forced to slow down the time in-game by 90 percent in order to make proper allowances for the lag.

The fight began with one of the game’s major groups (CFC) attacking another of the major group’s (TEST Alliance) space station.  Soon after, leaders of both groups instruct their teams to fight until the last ship.

The battle progressed slowly, with TEST Alliance attempting to cripple CFC’s logistics (their ability to heal friendly units). At 5:16 PM EDT, leaders of both groups made speeches to their followers, and the fatality rate topped 400 an hour later.

CFC, feeling confident, soon sent in several capital ships. These ships are typically very expensive, both in time it takes to build and resources, so they’re typically kept out of the fight. Twenty minutes later, the death toll had reached 650, and TEST Alliance messages that are being intercepted indicate that the group is retreating.

It is soon discovered that TEST Alliance leaders have indeed decided not to send in reinforcements, leaving the ships still in combat at the mercy of their foes.  The battle ends at 9:18 PM EDT with the CFC emerging victorious.

For a full account of the battle (from the victor’s point of view), you can check The Mittani.

With TEST having been defeated so soundly, will they withdraw from the Fountain region? Or will they try to launch sneak attacks to inflict at least some damage to their rivals?

Source: Polygon, via The Verge.


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