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access_time July 29, 2013 at 12:50 AM in Culture by Ramon Aranda

Buy or Sell: Xbox One, NVIDIA Shield, Zelda, Next-Gen Controllers

Happy Monday everyone (hopefully none of you have “a case of the Mondays” today).

We’ve got a new edition of Buy or Sell this week, as John Curry and Sean Garmer tackle a number of subjects including which next-gen controller is the coolest, if the Wii U will get some developer love this holiday season and more.

Alright gentlemen, let’s get started.


1. Now that Microsoft changed its policy on used games and a constant online connection, an Xbox One sounds more enticing to you.

Sean Garmer:  BUY. For the sake transparency, the only current gen system that I own just so happens to be an Xbox 360. It’s also the only generation where I haven’t owned each system that’s come out. I have nothing against Sony or the PS3 I just never had that much at once to buy a PS3.

Now that the policies have been removed I am probably more likely to get an Xbox One because I’m a big Halo fan (Call of Duty can go away for all I care though,) and I like the way Xbox Live is setup as opposed to the PSN. The biggest thing that made me stick with Xbox though was finding out that Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy XV are multi-platform. So now I can keep all my stuff the way it is and enjoy the Kinect 2.0 as well.

John Curry: SELL.Not at all. Since the debut of the Xbox One, all I have been able to rationalize in my head is how out of touch Microsoft is with current gamers. Their overwhelming desire to try to beat Apple to the first feasible change to the way we watch television has caused gaming to be an afterthought. I have zero interest in the Xbox One and for the first time in over 10 years, Sony and my pre-ordered PS4 will be my system of choice. There is nothing Xbox One will do to convince me that anything they say will be of benefit for gamers and ultimately they will reapply the same limitations they introduced during the unveiling down the road.  And I haven’t even mentioned the STILL unjustified $100 difference in price. Xbox One=Failure OUT OF THE GATE!


2. You have hopes that the NVIDIA Shield will turn out to be an awesome handheld.

Sean Garmer:  BUY. I have nothing against a PC video card company wanting to make their own portable system. The problem is that being a hybrid of two things either works or it doesn’t. If they can pull off the Android gaming thing well it may make a dent in the portable gaming market. The Shield has a bigger issue in that its price is a little too high to compete with the portable market and even though it is 100 dollars cheaper than the PS4 it won’t stop people from buying one. The NVIDIA Shield needs to figure out what it wants to be and market the crap out of that because right now it is just going to flounder.

John Curry: SELL.  At first I would have said yes, that was until a little conversation I had with NVIDIA regarding an issue with my NVIDIA GeForce graphics card in which the agent told me that “NVIDIA does not actually make or monitor their graphics cards, but a third party company makes it and pays to use NVIDIA’s logo on it and all complaints and issues should be directed to them.” What this tells me is that NVIDIA is just the name on this machine. They are the Jordan on a pair of Chinese shoes. This is nothing more than a flash in the pan. If the PS Vita was not successful this will not be either.


3. If you were a third party publisher, you would be developing/porting titles to the Wii U this holiday season.

Sean Garmer:  SELL. Hell No I wouldn’t. At this point, I don’t think Mario, Sonic, and Smash Bros. Will bring a resurgence in Nintendo’s stock. They may help the Wii U not become the Sega Dreamcast immediately after the PS4 and XB1 launch, but honestly, I don’t know that anything will save them. I love Nintendo’s first party titles and I hope they prove me wrong, but I feel  Nintendo screwed themselves this generation and unless they ditch the Wii U quick and go into development fast on something comparable to their competition. They may wind up just like SEGA sooner rather than later.

John Curry: SELL. I don’t think so. I am sure I am not in the majority when I say the Wii U was a let down. Too little too late for the game system. In all honesty, aside from the Nintendomaniacs, the Wii U is an afterthought and money and time would be better spent developing and porting to the more popular systems.


4. You would prefer if the next Legend of Zelda game took a different approach than the norm – something more along the lines of Skyrim.

Sean Garmer:  BUY. As a huge Zelda fan I think it would be nice to see Nintendo open up the world of Hyrule into something new. Outside of a real JRPG Zelda, I think a RPG like Skyrim may help bring more fans to the game. There is probably so much of the lore of Link and Zelda that we still don’t know and if Miyamoto wants a challenge this would give him that. With such creative minds at work, a huge open world RPG for Zelda could make it one of the best games ever. However, Nintendo has to want to actually do that for it to happen.

John Curry: BUY. I agree but only on the condition that it maintains the traditional Zelda look. I think a RPG styled game that borrows from Fable/Skyrim would be extremely successful. I just question how many different ways you can present Link to us. However, I just think the opportunity for a great game can be presented if they “borrow” from the Elder Scrolls approach.

Xbox One controller 

5. Out of the three next-gen consoles (Wii U, Xbox One, PS4), you think the Xbox One controller is the coolest.

Sean Garmer:  SELL. Out of the three systems I really like the Wii U’s tablet controller because it is different than your standard controller. The PS4’s controller may have the light bar and share button, but it is still a Dualshock. The Xbox One’s Rumble triggers and better joysticks are neat, but nothing totally  groundbreaking. The Wii U’s controller allows you to play an entire game on it, the other two do not.

John Curry: SELL.  Actually I think the Wii U controller is the coolest. It may not be the most functional but it is completely different from its predecessor. The Xbox One and PS4 are really just small modifications of the current systems controllers. I think once we get in some hands-on time with both next-gen controllers being used in their element (COD) I may have a different opinion but at this moment I cannot pick what appears to be the same as it is now over a complete innovation.

Sony speaks about "hardware sales initiatives" in annual report.

6. There’s no point in even owning a PlayStation Vita at this juncture.

Sean Garmer:  SELL. Actually the remote play for the PS4 is a huge reason to have one. It also may be a big reason for hardcore PS4 owners to buy one. But for anyone that doesn’t own a PS4, I would say probably not. But since the question is so vague, I have to say for someone out there, there is a reason to own it.

John Curry: BUY. A Playstation What? That thing they gave away at Taco Bell? They still make those? Can you even get games for these things still? Hmm. Let me get back to you on this question.


  • coals July 29, 2013 at 12:09 PM

    Retarded interview. Declare Nintendo has to scrap the wiiU and make something to compete with PS4/X1. Then declare the WiiU controller the uber best controller. Then one supports Vita even though that system is being whipped by Nintendo
    And Nintendo is no where near Segas scenario. No comparison

    • John Curry July 29, 2013 at 8:22 PM

      The question was out of the 3 next gen consoles who has the coolest controller. Let me shorten the logic for ya. The Xbox One and PS4 controllers are essentially the same as the current gen, thereby only one can be the logical answer.

  • tanto July 29, 2013 at 12:43 PM

    ” I don’t think Mario, Sonic, and Smash Bros. Will bring a resurgence in Nintendo’s stock.”
    factually the stock is already on the rise\

    “I feel Nintendo screwed themselves this generation and unless they ditch the Wii U quick and go into development fast on something comparable to their competition. They may wind up just like SEGA sooner rather than later.”

    This is so stupid and makes no sense. Like sega? Nintendo sells the most hardware overall globally.

    ” I am sure I am not in the majority when I say the Wii U was a let down.” its a great system

    ” the Wii U is an afterthought and money and time would be better spent developing and porting to the more popular systems.”

    like what? the wii u is second place in japan and rapidly rising in the US?

    In japan what is a more popular console? nothing actually factless garbage

  • Ramon Aranda July 29, 2013 at 4:30 PM

    I like the GamePad too, though the Xbox One controller is pretty comfortable to hold.

  • krypt July 29, 2013 at 9:24 PM

    i like how this curry guy bashes the xb1 but he is so excited about buying a 360 with better graphics (ps4) I can’t fault him for buying a new systems that’s what gamers do but i will not buy a ps4 until naughty dog makes me period, they are status quo while microsoft innovates,sony is so scared of going bankrupt they are scared to take chances,i will admit microsoft screwed up there launch with the xb1 but that was all because of the lack of information, they will create the steam platform for consoles and if u like it or not the ps5 will do everything the xb1 was trien to do and fanboys will eat it up…

  • Sean Garmer July 30, 2013 at 5:27 AM

    I didn’t say anywhere that Nintendo was going out of business. I just meant in the USA and possibly even the UK the Wii U won’t be very viable once the PS4 and XB1 come out. The Wii U didn’t grab the casual market like the Wii did. Japan lives in its own world and they tend to hold onto older systems longer than America does.

    So, I’m sure the Wii U will be a force there. But you have to be kidding yourself if people won’t take a look at the new systems and see it does everything better than the wii u, and go I’m buying that.

    The good thing about having those heavy hitters come out this holiday season is that Nintendo can capitalize on the new systems not having a ton of great games out of the box and will probably sell Wii U this holiday season. But you can’t honestly think the Wii U will last ten years competing with the XB1 and PS4 right?

    • coals July 30, 2013 at 6:49 AM

      I doubt WiiU was intended for a 10 year life cycle, and u’d be kidding to think PS4/Xb1 will either. M’soft just spent 10 billion dollars on servers, think Xb1 will profit that, and Sony is losing money . Nintendos doing ok comparitively.
      I’ll own every major title it’ll have. The gaming market in general is struggling. Coz devs cant innovate. The highest production titles are struggling to profit . Nintendo in the last 10 years made fitness a prime genre. Lead M’soft and Sony in their motion technologies. Even PS4 had to add in a touch pad.
      When Nintendo goes, the industry will stagnate, and we can all play Call of Duty 13 on dual analogue controls
      I played BOps2 with point aim controls on WiiU

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