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access_time July 26, 2013 at 12:09 PM in News by Dragos Dobre

Warframe devs: We’d be “silly” to not be developing for the Xbox One

Warframe devs praise the DS4 as the best controller to date.
Seems that a few developers are starting to be a little less reserved when it comes to Xbox One. After Minecraft creator Notch told publicly that he’s very excited about the possibility to use every Xbox One as a development kit, developer Warframe took a big interest in the console.

“We would love to see Warframe on Xbox One, the ball is in Microsoft’s court with regards to allowing titles on their system that come from an independent developer and not an established publisher,” the company’s vice-president of publishing Meridith Braun told OXM.

“We’re happy to see Microsoft shift its attitude on independent development for their new system. We’d be silly not to consider Warframe for Xbox One now. The system itself will be awesome and now the landscape of games that it supports has just become limitless. Exciting times.”

Microsoft’s reputation was deeply affected by their strict policies that were rulled out one by one, but it appears that they have managed somehow to please everyone. With little but secure steps.


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