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Get lost in the Middle of Nowhere

[jwplayer mediaid=”90060″]

It seems as though the horror genre has yet to die. Titles like Dead Space 3 and Amnesia have seen to that. However unlike Amnesia, Dead Space 3 strays from the path of a true horror title. It brings in elements of an FPS and even social games (blech). Indies seem to get a good amount of things right, and developer VisionArts does not appear to be failing that assumption.

Middle of Nowhere is a survival horror game that sets you in…well the middle of nowhere. Your daughter Emily has premonitions which make her tune out of the real world and into Nowhere. You, Isaac, have been trying to find someone who can help alleviate this problem, and finally do. However you get in a car crash on your search and wake up in a post apocalyptic world, Nowhere. The goal is to find and save Emily as well as survive in this strange world. Weird creatures await you and you must either run or defend yourself from them.

From the teaser above it seems like the player will really have to think about how to survive in this world. So far it looks like you can only wield a gun and a flashlight. The flashlight has a depleting power supply and looks like you have to use it sparingly. All of which make good beginnings for a survival horror game.

You can check out more about Middle of Nowhere at their Indie DB Page, Facebook, as well as Twitter.


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