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Saint’s Row IV goes gold, season pass available to pre-order

by on July 24, 2013


Publisher Deep Silver have today announced that Saint’s Row IV has gone gold and the DLC season pass is now available to pre-order.

The pass is available for only £7.99 and will include two brand-new mission packs and the “Rectifier”, the alien anal probe that caused the game problems with the Australian censors. Rest assured that the over-the-top humour shown off in the trailer is set to continue.

One of the mission packs will be the “Enter the Dominatrix” DLC, which was originally planned to be the full game for the next Saint’s Row until THQ’s money problems forced the project to be cancelled. The other mission pack has yet to be announced, but is due out in late 2013.

The game will launch on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on August 20th in America, and 3 days later for the rest of the world.

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