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Oddworld creator: Microsoft “isn’t acknowledging people like us”

by on July 23, 2013

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Oddworld Inhabitants’ president Lorne Lanning just made an official statement on Xbox One’s policies when it comes to indie games development on the next-gen consoles. As you may know, Microsoft doesn’t allow a company to self-publish on their console and a publisher can be very expensive for a company which has only ten or less employees.

“At the business level, Microsoft isn’t acknowledging people like us. It’s as if we don’t matter,” the president of Oddworld Inhabitants told VG247.
“We’re not on the radar. We’re little guys. It doesn’t seem like any of the little guys are on the radar. When we listen to them talk, we have to laugh. It’s pure rhetoric.”

He also stated that Microsoft should fire a lot of the people who were behind Xbox One’s development process.

“It’s a bit puzzling. It’s clear they’re not listening. I’m not sure who they’re listening to. Whoever their PR people are, whoever their marketing agents are, they should fire them all. That’s where they should start. There should be a big, mass firing and they should publicise that. Then they’d get people saying, ‘Hey, maybe there’s going to be a good change.’ But if they keep the rhetoric flowing, obviously everyone’s looking at it saying, ‘This isn’t real.’ How are they going to keep what they’ve got today? That’s a big question.”

Microsoft should not forget that little studios like Mojang released games that are a big hit even nowadays. You can never know who gets in the top in the future.

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