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Indie gem Nidhogg finally getting full release this year

by on July 23, 2013


Acclaimed indie title Nidhogg will finally be getting a release this year.

After taking the IGF Nuovo award in 2011, the game has developed a cult following. First shown off in 2010, the game essentially consists of getting from one side of the screen to the other, whilst stopping your opponent from doing the same thing. By fighting your opponent you can make them disappear off screen for a few seconds before they respawn, making the approach much easier.

Mark Essen and Kirsty Norindr, two of the developer behind the project, were talking to IndieGames about the extra features that will be in the full release. They said, “It’s going to offer not only multiple stages, but a single-player component against AI fencers.” Even more intriguingly they said, “The biggest surprise of all is the inclusion of an online multiplayer component, the details of which are still being worked out.”

With indie games garnering much love from both the critics and the public, it looks like we will see more creative games like Nidhogg in the future.


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