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Amiga games to be released on Android for “holiday 2013 season”

by on July 23, 2013


Amiga Games Inc., the company which controls the rights to the Commodore computer’s classic games, has announced that they have reached a deal to publish the games on Google’s Android platform.

The announcement came soon after the group was bought by Writer’s Group Film Corp. who have reached the agreement with Google. They currently plan to start releasing the games, “for the holiday 2013 season.” So far there has been no word as to how many of the Amiga back catalogue will be released.

Though the games may not look like much to modern gamers, the Amiga spawned some classic games and, more importantly, gave some of today’s most popular designers their first start in gaming. The like of Sid Meier and Peter Molyneux both started out working on Amiga games whilst the studio Psygnosis also started out on the platform. Psygnosis created Lemmings and went on to be bought by Sony and after several alterations became known as Rockstar North.

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