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Game programmer quits job to sell street food and doubles salary

by on July 22, 2013
Game programmer quits job to sell food and doubles salary.

Game programmer quits job to sell food and doubles salary.

A Chinese game programmer in Shenzhen, Guangdong province quit his job in the game industry and took up selling “Shaobing”, a cheap and filling variety of flatbread.

This programmer essentially doubled his salary upon doing this. But why did he decide to start selling this flatbread?

Said the programmer, “The work hours of a programmer are long and arduous, sometimes we have to work overtime, though there was a lot of joy when we finished Yuan Zheng Online. When we are finished with work, we often go out to unwind, visiting karaoke parlors or playing basketball. Unfortunately my body was unable to withstand it all and I had to quit.”

He recuperated and found a girlfriend, who introduced him to this flatbread. The duo spent time working on recipes, and soon started their own street stand, where they now make around $3,259 per month.

“We had no idea that we’d sell so much—we sold 100 shaobings in a day, business is only getting better and better,” stated the programmer. “We already earned enough for an apartment and now we’re saving up more money. We hope to get married next year.”

Will other game programmers follow suit?

Source: Kotaku, via Tencent.

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