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Elder Scrolls Online Footage Leaked

by on July 21, 2013


For what seems like ages ago I submitted a request to get a beta invite for the Elder Scrolls Online. So far, no answer. For those lucky enough to play the game you have seen what it’s all about. For those who haven’t…you’re sort of S.O.L. unless you’ve been to E3 or other conventions that have shown off game play for ESO. That is until today.

A video was posted on multiple sites, most likely to ensure people would see it, of a player going through the game play of an Argonian. So far the video has been taken down from YouTube as well as Vimeo. The last vestige of this video is on Dailymotion. Watching the video you can see that Zenimax has been taking things from Skryim. Health/Stamina/Mana bars as well as similar quest markers and discovering places. Check out the video below before it’s taken down!

The Elder Scrolls Online

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