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access_time July 20, 2013 at 10:35 AM in Nintendo by Ramon Aranda

Preview | Pikmin 3 Multiplayer


While Pikmin 3 has proved to be a pretty enjoyable game thus far as a single-player endeavor, at least from what we’ve played during some recent hands-on demos, including at E3, multiplayer is shaping up to be pretty good too.

Recently we sat down with Nintendo to get our hands on one of the game’s multiplayer modes – Bingo Battle.

This mode, which is new to the franchise, is setup for two player matches, in which each player is trying to fill up a row or column on a Bingo card.  To do so, you’ll need to collect fruits and enemies.  While this may seem simple enough, there’s actually quite a bit of strategy involved, as you’ll want to choose a row or column that perhaps won’t interfere with your opponent, as once they snatch up a fruit or enemy, it is no longer available to you and blocks them out on your Bingo card.


Also, when you collect cherries, a random attack can hit your opponent, or give you a boost. In some cases, you may want to concentrate on just trying to fill out your card as quickly as possible, while other times, as I found out in one of my battles, it makes sense to try to play a little defense and try to pick up items that would stop my opponent from winning.  Sometimes, defense wins championships!

It would have been great if multiplayer was online compatible as well, but alas, we’ll have to simply enjoy it offline.  Either way, the game is extremely fun and I can’t wait to play the finished product when it releases on August 4.


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