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MLB 2K13 Perfect Game Challenge Winner, Justin Chavarria Interview.



I’m Justin Chavarria and I just won 250,000 playing MLB 2K13.

Steve: Did you get MLB 2K13 when it came out?

Justin:I bought it the very next day after.

Steve: What did you do on the first day of the contest?

Justin: It was actually by luck and I never won a contest a before, so I went in there and I just like when into the screen and it said to “try  for a Perfect Game!”  And then I did!
I went pretty deep into that first game, but  I had to drop it because of school.   When I came back to it, within 10 hours I got my first perfect game!

Steve:  How many different games did you have until you pitched your perfect game?

Justin: Oh, Probably 10 to 15, I’d guess, maybe even 20 .

Steve: Was there a particular pitch that is your “go-to” pitch?

Justin: Oh yeah… the fastball, can’t go wrong with that, especially with a computer. The four seam fastball. The AI batters seem to have a hard time hitting a straight fast ball.

Steve: What did you do when you first started climbing the leaderboard bracket?  What team gave you the most success?

Justin: Well, the team that got me to New York, was the Miami Marlins. In particular, the pitcher, Kevin Slowey, and I did one with him on April 20th. I was able to re-use that score on the course to New York.

Steve: So, the marlins in real life suck….

Justin: Oh absolutely, It was kinda like my reasoning for choosing them on that particular day…they are just bad.  If you play a good team against a lower ranked the pitcher, you get more points.  You get a higher score, if you were to actually to pitch a perfect game.

So ,what 2k did is they gave each pitcher a difficulty rating. They took into account the opposing batting lineup they were facing. Kevin Slowey was a 9 difficulty, which is the highest that 2k sports had put out and obviously, they took into the batting lineup. I just got lucky with him.

It actually put me in number 1 in the whole contest until two of my opponents took me down to third. I did that with the Miami Marlins.

Steve: How did you get to New York and what was that first phone call like?

Justin :Well, I knew they were going to pick the top 4 to go to New York and from what I read on 2ksports.com, they were going to keep us updated on Facebook page. So I’m like, I’m going to New York…but you know, you never know, something could happen, like someone might have forgot someone’s score…but that next day, May 1st, I gotten an email from a guy named Andrew, the guy we connect to, from 2K Sports, when he got the ball rolling for us. He said, Congratulations, You’re one of the four finalist, here’s some paper work you need to fill out and I was like “oh wow, this is the real deal.”

Steve: So where are you in Oregon?

Justin: I’m in Eugene and I go to the University of Oregon.

Steve: Are you a Duck?

Justin: Yeah, I am indeed.

Steve: Do you play on any sports teams there?

Justin: No, but you know what’s funny, I’m actually on a women’s practice team, for basketball. Basically, trying to give them 6-7 guys to go run up against them.

Steve: At what point do you get plane tickets in the mail and hotel accommodations? When does that happen?

Justin: So we all knew that we had a while to wait and that the contest wasn’t going to happen till  the All-Star Game. I was just kinda waiting and sitting until mid-june, when they got back to me. Then they said: “here’s the itinerary and here’s your plane tickets”, that’s when it got a little bit more realistic.

Steve: Where did you fly to?

Justin: I flew from Eugene to Portland and then straight to JFK airport.

Steve: Did you get a limo?

Justin: No, no, I wish, we got a taxi and headed to the hotel.

Steve: What hotel?

Justin: It’s called the Hotel Indigo and it’s right down the road from the Madison Square Garden. It was a very nice hotel and a very nice location in Manhattan.

Steve: Was that your first time in New York city?

Justin: Yes it was. It was an awesome experience.

Steve: What do you think of that New York city smell?

Justin: You know what, it’s different. It’s definitely not a west coast smell at all.

Steve: Once you get a whiff that smell, you never forget it.

Justin: Oh yeah, absolutely.

Steve: So tell me about the day of event, what was going through your mind before the final.

Justin: I was a little overwhelmed because we walked into the MLB Fan Fest and it was pretty extravagant. I almost wasn’t thinking about the game. But once I sat down in front of the TV,  next to the guy I was playing against, I got extremely nervous.

Steve: So you’re sitting down playing your first what was your first team pick?

Justin: I picked the Texas Rangers, I was using Yu Darvish and he gave me the best match up. Basically, I started with a nice start and got 4 runs. By the end of the end of it, I shut my opponent down, winning 9 to 3. I think my hitting brought his confidence down. Hitting was the very important part.

Steve: What were the finals like?

Justin: My opponent was the Oakland Athletics and I was still the Texas Rangers. I had perfect game going through 6 innings and I actually pitched with Derrick Holland  instead of Yu Darvish.

Steve: With that win, what did you get?

Justin:I got big huge check, like one of those Happy Gilmore checks! I thought that was pretty cool. I always wanted, ya know those people who get those huge checks….I always wanted to get one of those. It’s been an awesome time ever since.

Steve: What are you going to do with the money?

Justin: As a college student, I’m going to pay the rest of my intuition and then I’m going spoil myself a little bit and buy a new truck.

Steve: What kind of  truck?

Justin: I’m thinking about buying a new Ford Raptor.

Steve: Those are sick!

Justin: Yeah, I had my eye on it.

Steve: Hey Justin, it was a pleasure speaking with you and don’t blow all that money..Make sure you buy some real estate!!




Photo credit: CNN




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