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Battlefield 4 campaign details announced, surprisingly you have to stop World War 3

by on July 19, 2013


EA have announced more details about the plot of Battlefield 4.

Set amongst rising tension in China, your squad must collect intel from a defecting Russian general before things inevitably go badly and you have to fight through waves of Russians. A coup is planned in China and only your information and skill can stop the world from descending into World War 3. Locations that you’ll visit include Shanghai and Singapore.

Whilst it’s not the most novel plot for an FPS, the stunning visuals that are always associated with Battlefield should elevate this above the usual warfare crowd. If the promise for a more open approach to the missions is true, and the single player does incorporate the best bits of multiplayer, then it won’t matter how clichéd the story feels, EA and DICE will be on to another winner.

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