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State of Decay PC details revealed

by on July 17, 2013
State of Decay to infest PCs via Steam's Early Access program.

State of Decay to infest PCs via Steam’s Early Access program.

State of Decay is heading to Windows PC via Steam’s Early Access program, and will host several improvements over the Xbox 360 version of the game, according to tweets from Undead Labs.

What does this mean? By releasing the game through the Early Access program, it means that gamers will be able to enjoy the game as the developers create it. Two examples of games that have been released through this program are Arma 3 and Kerbal Space Program.

The improvements that the game will host include enhanced graphics, support for higher resolutions, and an increased frame rate. The developer has also assured gamers that, even though the game will have no official mod tool, they have no objections to players creating mods for the game.

There is no official release date for this upcoming PC version, though one of the tweets from the developer stated that the version “will be out before the end of the year.”

Source: Polygon, via Undead Labs official Twitter

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