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access_time July 17, 2013 at 5:30 PM in Mobile by Peter Whitehead

Eidos releases patch allowing Deus Ex: The Fall to run on jailbroken devices


Eidos have released a patch for Deus Ex: The Fall that allows the game to be run on jailbroken devices, CVG reports.

After the news last week that the game wouldn’t allow players on jailbroken devices to fire weapons, despite it being a mandatory part of  the tutorial, Square Enix quickly announced that patch. Many gamers were angry that the game which they had legally bought for £6.99 wouldn’t work, despite it being legal to operate a jailbroken phone.

The patch has also fixed some other issues in the game including increasing the enemy AI and the XP and credit rewards for completing objectives. It has also increased the damage and accuracy of the assault rifle and shotgun.

When it was first teased that there would be a new Deus Ex game, many fans got very excited only to be disappointed to find it an iOS game. The controversial mechanic for jailbroken devices divided fans even more. Time will tell whether Square Enix and Eidos have managed to respond in time to fin over the fans again.


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