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access_time July 16, 2013 at 8:00 AM in Mobile by Charlie Grammer

European developers prefer PlayStation 4 over Xbox One

European developers targetting PS4 over Xbox One.

European developers targetting PS4 over Xbox One.

A survey of European developers was recently conducted and revealed several interesting facts about the future of game development in the region.

It should be noted that the survey was conducted before Microsoft announced the DRM changes, so it is possible that the numbers have changed a bit. That said, the survey asked developers about their views on the next generation of consoles and what countries they believe will move the industry forward in the coming years.

Perhaps unsurpsingly, the survey showed that 66% of those who took part intend to create a mobile title, with 53% planning to create a PC game. PlayStation 4 came in third, with 23% of the respondents planning to create a game,followed by the Xbox One at 14% and the Wii U brought up last place with 7%.

As far as titles that are currently in development, 13% stated that they were working on PlayStation 4 games while only 9% were working on Xbox One games, and 5% on Wii U games.

As far which countries will move development forward, or will make the best titles in five years, Germany took first place with 22% of the votes. The UK took 19%, while Finland received 12% and Sweden got 11% of the votes.

It may be worth mentioning that 31% of survey respondents were from Germany, 21% from the UK, 11% from the Netherlands, 6% from Finland, and 6% from France.

Source: IGN


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