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American McGee launches Alice: Otherlands animated shorts Kickstarter, looking for $200K

by on July 16, 2013


Alice creator American McGee, days after cancelling the OZombie Kickstarter campaign, is looking for $200,000 in crowdfunding to produce a series of Alice: Otherlands animated shorts.

McGee game development studio Spicy Horse has acquired the partial film rights to create Alice animated shorts, which reportedly cost the studio $100,000. The final goal, the Kickstarter page reads, is to create a feature length film, which would reportedly cost another $400,000.

The Shanghai, China-based company will partner with nearby animation studios and “world famous directors” to create several 3D animated shorts.

Backers must pay at least $25 to receive a digital copy of Alice: Otherlands.

At the time of this writing, the campaign has raised $36,243 of its goal with 658 backers.

American McGee cancelled the OZombie game Kickstarter earlier this week. The campaign originally had a stretch goal for the Alice film rights, but it was later removed.

Source: Alice: Otherlands on Kickstarter

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