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Dragon’s Crown boasts over 20 hours of gamplay per character

Dragon's Crown to boast 20 hours of gameplay per character.

Dragon’s Crown to boast 20 hours of gameplay per character.

Atlus’s upcoming 2D action RPG is fast approaching its release date, and gamers still have several questions. Atlus recently held a nation-wide event in Japan, allowing gamers to try out the game and submit questions. They then picked several of the submitted questions to answer on the official site.

Interestingly, some players stated that they felt a sense of discomfort performing dashes. Atlus responded to this concern by pointing out that you can either double-tap the directional buttons, or press the square button and a directional button at the same time.

In order to heal, you’ll find several types of food to eat. These foods will not only heal you, but increase your maximum health as well. Once your HP is over the limit, however, you cannot eat anything more until it decreases.

One of the most popular questions gamers at the event had was how long the story in the game is. Atlus confirmed on the website that each character’s story can take around 20 hours just to clear. They went on to state that there will be unlockable content and more things to do upon finishing a character’s story. 

Dragon’s Crown, which releases on August 6 for both the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 in North America,  supports cross-play between the platforms, and features two types of matchmaking. Random will allow you to play with different people around the world around your level, while Friend Entry will let you invite your pals to a game.

Source: Siliconera


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