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Sony patent reveals what the DualShock 4 could have been

by on July 11, 2013
What the DualShock 4 could've been.

What the DualShock 4 could’ve been.

This morning, a patent application from Sony was published at the US Patent and Trademark Office. This patent reveals that the DualShock 4 could have been vastly different from the controller we were acquainted with this year.

This patent contains several descriptors that do indeed apply to the version of the DS4 that Sony went with, it also has several that we do not see in the controller. Some examples include a microphone for tracking player location and a larger light bar (that completely extends to the bottom of the controller) that could supposedly be “Shaped to provide for a wide angle of visibility”.

The patent also shows several different trackpad versions, describing a slight curvature that, “provides a tactile sensation by virtue of its shape”. Once again, the controllers that were used at E3 this year did not appear to feature this.

Another difference with the trackpad in the patent is that it was tested as a display screen at one point. Read the patent, “In one embodiment, the touch panel can be coupled with a display screen to provide a touchscreen interface as part of the controller. For example, the touchscreen might display an image which delineates regions of the touchscreen that correspond to various functionalities for the interactive application.”

The patent, though only published today, was filed long before the controller and console were announced, with the application dating at the end of June 2012.

Which version do you think you would have preferred?

Source: Engadget

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