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access_time July 11, 2013 at 3:55 PM in News by Peter Whitehead

Report – Microsoft allowed NSA access to encrypted information


New reports are emerging that Microsoft gave the NSA access to Skype calls and emails.

In a report published by The Guardian, it is alleged that Microsoft helped the NSA to beat the company’s own encryption so that they could gain access to user’s phone and email conversations. The files were allegedly passed to the newspaper by Edward Snowdon, the whitsleblower currently seeking asylum in several countries.

The report also alleges that the information was shared with the FBI and the CIA with one NSA document describing the practice as a, “team sport”. With pre-encry[tion access to Outlook.com’s webchat, and access to Hotmail, it looks like the NSA had near total access to Microsoft’s customers. The information is said to have the been uploaded to the controversial Prism scheme, which is said to have collated and stored data on millions of civialians.

In a statement today Microsoft said that they had complied with the legal requests of the authorities and stated, “When we upgrade or update products we aren’t absolved from the need to comply with existing or future lawful demands.” With some users already concerned about the always-on functionality of the new Kinect, it seems unsurprising that this should raise alarm with many gamers.



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