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Nintendo victorious in DS piracy lawsuit

by on July 11, 2013
Nintendo achieves victory over R4 sellers.

Nintendo achieves victory over R4 sellers.

Back in 2009, a long, drawn-out battle began, with several plaintiffs (including Capcom, Level-5, Square Enix, and Konami) targetting the first sellers of R4 cards with a lawsuit.

For those unaware, R4 cards allow gamers to play home-brew as well as pirated software on Nintendo DS consoles.

In 2011, Nintendo warned that the continued selling of devices like the R4i (a cart compatible with the DSi) would, under the “unfair competition prevention law” result in continued legal action.

Jump forward to this week, and Nintendo released a press release confirming that the companies were victorious. The sellers of the R4 cards have, to date, had to pay out almost $1 million in damages to the victorious companies, which at this time included over fifty of Japan’s most prominent videogame publishers, developers and studios.

With Nintendo having won the lawsuit, will sellers try to develop a similar cart for the new 3DS? Or will they abandon any plans they had to do so?

Source: Edge Online.

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