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‘Obscure’ becomes ‘Final Exam’ and gets it’s own website launch

by on July 10, 2013


Final Exam, the new game from Mighty Rocket Studios, has been revealed with a website showing some off some screen shots for the game.

It was originally announced under the name Obscure, as many of the developers were from Hydravision who created the original series back on PS2 and Xbox. The game is an old fashioned 2.5D side scroller with 4 playable characters. From the aesthetics  it looks like it will have it’s tongue firmly in it’s cheek. The site boasts of the game, “No horror film cliché has been spared by the chainsaw of the developers, Mighty Rocket Studios, and you can expect a crazy mix of monsters, baseball bats, rocket launchers and references to video games and teen horror movies.”

With the ability for both local and online co-op, it looks like the emphasis will be on teamwork as you play as a group of teenagers who go back to their old high school only to find themselves,  “trapped in a small town that has been invaded by a pack of monstrous and particularly aggressive creatures.”

The game will be released on PSN, Xbox Live and PC next September.

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