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Miyamoto teases new game

by on July 10, 2013

Miyamoto teases new franchise.

Miyamoto, famed creator of such franchises as Zelda and Mario, has teased he’s working on a new game.

This teaser from Mr. Miyamoto is not, as one might otherwise expect, a new game in one of these popular franchises. Instead, this teaser is for a brand new franchise that will see the light in 2014.

Said Mr. Miyamoto, “We’ll have Mario Kart 8 out next spring, and at that point we’ll have the whole lineup in place, so I think it’s about time we brought out a new franchise. I can’t give out details, but that’s the title that’s been keeping me pretty busy lately.”

Although a new game was initially revealed in January 2012, this is the first time that Mr. Miyamoto himself has told anybody that he is indeed working on a new franchise.

Even though Mr. Miyamoto will be turning 61 this year, and admitted earlier that it would be strange to not be thinking about retirement, he insisted that he has no immediate plans to step down from his post.

What will this new franchise be? Will it become as widely loved as Zelda and Mario?

Source: Polygon

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