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access_time July 10, 2013 at 10:30 AM in News by Charlie Grammer

Cerny believes that the PS4 can fundamentally alter the landscape for gamers


Cerny considers the PS4 a "Renaissance of gaming".

Cerny considers the PS4 a “Renaissance of gaming”.

MCV UK today informed us of Cerny’s verdict on the PlayStation 4 after he spent five years researching and designing the console. He states that the console is actually  a pointer to the past.

His reasoning for this? He simply believes that Sony has built a more accessible platform and a newly accessible PlayStation business for developers, which should result in more gaming variety on the upcoming console, similar to the PlayStation One’s library.

To back up this claim, he pointed towards several PlayStation One games, such as Parappa the Rapper, Devil Dice, and even Intelligence Cube. He mentioned that though these games were well received, they wouldn’t have been greenlit in the AAA heavy PS3 era of gaming.

Stated Cerny, “Diversity of games at retail was quite high in the early PlayStation era.”

“Heavy content will thrive, but in many ways we will return to the freedom and broad content that made PlayStation unforgettable,” he adds, showing his optimism for the upcoming console.

Will his hopes turn out to be correct?


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