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access_time July 9, 2013 at 7:45 AM in Mobile by Charlie Grammer

Microsoft’s Lift London is working on four free-to-play games


Lee Schuneman.

Lee Schuneman.

Eurogamer today brought Microsoft’s Lift London studio’s projects to our attention. These projects are all free-to-play games, which, according to the studio boss, Lee Schuneman are “creating a service”, and they wish to use these projects to “take characters to the next level in mobile gaming”.

Although Mr. Schuneman specified mobile gaming, he went on to state, “We’re working across all Microsoft platforms, powered by the cloud, delivered to the connected audience.”

Unfortunately, he did not go into any detail about any of the four projects, but he did show a family-friendly, cartoon-style video that the studio utilizes to demonstrate character exploration.

This video showed three characters, with one blocking a door that monsters were attempting to open in order to get into the room. The second charater was seemingly uninterested in what was going on, calmly drinking a soda. He eventually lifted a baseball bat above his head.

Schuneman went on to insist, “We should look to rethink what triple-A stands for. Triple-A is not about team size or budget or what device it’s on. Triple-A could mean addressable audience times ambition. It’s about quality and audience scale.”

He added, “Clash of Clans is triple-A. Halo is triple-A. And a 21st century service is about how you represent your audience and generate content that’s culturally relevant.”

When will we learn about the studio’s projects? Was the video more than just one they use for character exploration?


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