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access_time July 8, 2013 at 11:19 AM in News by Alex Co

Call of Duty: Ghosts to implement second-screen gaming, “tied” into MP and won’t be a “revenue generator”


Don’t look now, but Call of Duty: Ghosts will be the latest game to implement apps and tie it into their games.

This was revealed by Infinity Ward executive producer Mark Rubin in an interview with FinancialPost. When asked how “second-screen gaming” will work with Ghosts, Rubin confirmed that they are implementing it, is tied into multiplayer and is being developed by another studio.

That’s a good question, but a lot of it I can’t talk about right now because it’s tied into multiplayer.

Taking off my Call of Duty hat for a second, companion apps started to hit during current-gen, but they’re really going to pick up for next-gen. Different games are going to use apps in a lot of different and interesting ways.

It’s a little more of a challenge when it comes to our types of games. Looking away from the screen when the action is intense is obviously a challenge from a game design standpoint. So we have to be careful about that. We have some ideas that I think are going to develop further as we go along in this generation. As with anything with a next-gen launch, you’ll start by dipping your toe in the water in a few places, and then move along from there.

We actually have a whole department – a whole studio, basically – wrapped around the idea of second-screen. Our Beachhead group is doing a lot of work there. But a lot of it ties into multiplayer and I can’t talk too much about it now.

Fortunately, in the same interview, Rubin confirmed that the app will be free, is not required and won’t mean that those who use it will have an advantage to those who didn’t, stating, “It won’t be a revenue generator. It will be used to enhance the experience but not offer any advantages.

Who among you are intrigued to try this “companion” app for Call of Duty: Ghosts? Will it be as interactive or as integral to theg ame as Battlefield 4’s Commander Mode? Sound off and let us know what you think.

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