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access_time July 8, 2013 at 8:05 AM in News by Dragos Dobre

Bethesda: cross-platform work is a “nightmare”, next gen consoles makes it easier

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Not only Bethesda, but pretty much every big developer is making its games available across platforms. In a few words, this means that the game is developed on a single platform: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and so on. Afterwards, the game is ported to other consoles and this process could be awfully time consuming and implies a lot of effort from the developer.

In an interview took by OXM Magazine, Pete Hines vice-president of Bethesda, revealed that the transition to next-gen consoles (Xbox One and PlayStation 4) is relatively easy. “It’s really not easy, but it’s certainly much easier,” he said.

In big lines, this means that we will not notice any more big differences between platforms when playing the same game. He also said that the company will try to bring The Elder Scrolls Online to all three platforms simultaneously.

It’s big news, and we’re glad that Sony and Microsoft are making the development process way easier for everyone.

Source: OXM


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